Advertising and Media Sales

Murrellimedia advertisers receive persistent visibility

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Events & promotional ads 

  •  30 day term or to date of your event, whichever is sooner.

Job title advertising

  • Job Title advertising for 1 month and 1 year insertations
  • e-mail your job descriptions

Display advertising

  • we are compatibile with all ad sizes and formats 
  • ads can be created for you
  • ads for events and employment offers are placed in dedicated areas
  • we advertise research studies in need of Black volunteers
  • classified ads and text listings spots are available

E-mail Campaigns

Let’s discuss ways you can outreach to our curated private Guest Lists when we send our emails to our members. Contact the office at or call (617) 942-1301.  Please leave a message if your get the recording, and a response will be prompt.

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