Advertising and Media Sales

Murrellimedia advertisers receive persistent visibility

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Event advertisements

  • $45 per event poster placement, 30 day term or to date of your event, whichever is sooner.

Job Advertising

  • Job Listings $45/90 days, up to 3 job titles
  • Annual Job Listings $450 /yr for an unlimited number of listings
  • e-mail, attach job material

Display Ads

  • Ad rate is  $49 / 90 days term per site
  • banner add in run of site positions, $50/3 weeks
  • Banner ad in header positions are $275 minimum and may be more, it depends.

Content Ads

  • the content ad insertation rate is $100 /45 days

Content Ad subjects vary. The style of a Content Ad should be in the form of an advisory. example1: tell a home buyer what to look for when buying a house.

example2: make a corporate or product announcement such as “Betty Feezer elevated to chief chef of the Royal Caribbean, or Harreit James was promoted VP of Finance at Bank of Mars,” or Elizabeth’s self-published book is out and she’s have a book release party. details, details, details.

E-mail Campaigns

  • Your ad may be included in our one-to-one personal messaging  to members on our mailing list. To reduce their Inbox SPAM, we do not sent any ads taking more space than our content. We make sure your most important Call to Action message is in the emails our users receive. $90 per insertion.view ad network 
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