Murrelli IP website platforms deliver

  • Advertising placement and distribution: online and email
  • Applicants who seek employment
  • Affordable housing consumer services
  • Arts & entertainment event publicity
  • African American Heritage Tours
  • A comprehensive sightseeing tour product list  
  • Advertising and visibility for the researcher’s study project 
  • A diversity of users: ethnic groups and community stakeholders
  • An archive of data: ethnic demographics, neighborhood stats
  • An assortment of lists: MBE Enterprises, Local Shops, Social groups
  • Access to investors: seed angels and accredited investors
  • A membership user community mix: workers, professionals, students
  • A transportation service, a tour service & tourist activities
  • A tech help service: computers, computer networks, manager’s advisor
  • A Live Chat concierge monitoring our digital front doors
  • Access to political oriented data: donors, office holders, PACS

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