Classified ads are a suggested compliment to your visibility efforts. The ads will be displayed for a long time (1 year) and may represent:

  • Announcements
  • Companies
  • Events
  • Individuals
  • Products
  • Services
  • .. and other

The site is hosting Classified Ads.

We manually add you ads to keep prices low, low. Persistent presence is important to any advertiser. Advertising is defense, not offense, because it helps stop people from looking at a competitive offer. Long term visibility in cyberspace is an asset. The longer you are findable in a search engine the more relevant your offer becomes to search users.

Click — ->to see what a Classified Ad Looks Like to viewers.

Each classified ad on the system receives a Google-friendly URL that can be shared in social media posts and emails. The link can be accessed by any internet user in the world.

We use an app named the Classifieds & Directory Plug-in for WordPress because of its no frills simplicity. It allows the listings to be placed in any WordPress system web page.

Your classified ads appear will appear in a preexisting categories. We can create the category you need. You can amplify your marketing message with the Classified ad when text, graphics, phone numbers, email address, webpage link and interactive elements such as video, audio and animation are placed with your Classified Ad Request.

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