Murrelli IP believes its purpose in life is to be of service, supply solutions and position products and resources that will satisfy our client and the community's needs. Ultimately our goal is to create "a Happy Moment" for one and all.

Murrelli Media
MBE, minority owned


Bus rental transportation, Sightseeing tour packages, Airport pickup and transfers.

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Media Services

Advertising, outreach platforms, event coverage, social media networking.

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Information Data Systems

IT consulting, Internet and software tech.

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The Murrelli Company creates and operates online information portals for connecting people to opportunities, services, and products.  Our focus on  Greater Boston and the North Atlantic States delivers a lucrative prospect for businesses, event promoters, and employers.  Advertising prices


Digital Black Boston Community logo

Our Black Boston branded website1 and website2  attracts users who arrive with an intent that could positively affect your organization’s bottom line. Users are residents and visitors to Boston who represent broad demographic types of Internet users. The social-transactional abilities of our Black Boston website destinations produce results for stakeholders in the city of Boston and deliver essential services to residents.

Tours & Transportation


Discover 100 Great Black African American Heritage Sites in Boston and Massachusetts. Murrelli runs Getaways to offer tours and day trips to New England African American Heritage landmarks, institutions and places of interest. Private bus transportation packages are available in motorcoach and mini coach configurations for groups with airport pickups, shuttle bus service, and interstate trip requirements.

Affordable housing service

Our website delivers the mandatory applications for affordable housing that you must file to get these units in Boston and Massachusetts. Individuals with an income up to $100,000 a year are eligible for these below-market priced units. Our proprietary Smallwall SMS app is the only application that gives you an advantage when looking for move-in ready apartments or homes for sale — that is designated “1st come, 1st served affordable.

Information Technology


Computer hardware, software support and network IT Support  is available from our Black Software digitalPlumbing Group.