MurrelliMedia IT brings your brand before our user population and helps you gain access to their  coveted consideration set. When you are one of the three items every consumer, user, supporter or interested party is “considering,” your chance of closing a sale or a deal is absolutely enhanced. People buy things to satisfy a need. But to buy or respond to your offer,  users have to know its available,  and endorsements from people they trust are  important.

Our advertising service  compliments your current market positioning with persistent presence web spot placements on our content sites.  We add in  prospect-gathering-as-a-service (PGAS)  processes. You get the beneficial spending power of our addressable membership user base and the upside to making a good impression the very first time on brand new targets we attract.

The PGAS service is appropriate for startups or established companies, for social impact organizations and for profit entities, for creative events or product producers and for employment and research recruiters.

Advertisers are having success with attracting #buyBlack enthusiasts, Boston market renters and home buyers and  administrative and  professional staff. They are getting  product views,  sign-ups and engagements with their brand. We’re filling seats at movie screenings with over 1,000 seats filled by our user population in 2016.  Hiring companies have attracted , interns,  urban professioanals, consultants, vendors and  minority contractors.  Tech firms are reaching people of color who are engineers, software programmers and STEM knowledge workers.  Creative economy organizations in broadcast, the arts, music, film and visual performance are getting results from our private user populations and from new users we acqire for them to support their causes, events  and projects.

View a list of film screenings and  TV network talent bookings completed.

A partial advertiser  list is: 

The ReSPECT Registry at Boston Medical Center, small businesses SMB,  Belmont Savings Bank of Belmont Ma, VECNA Technology  Cambridge Campus, Jewish Vocational Services of Boston, Madison Square Garden Entertaiment, Shubert Theater, A.R.T Harvard LOEB Drama Center, Linda Stewart Agency, CNN Films of Washington DC, ARTS Emerson, Huntington Theatre, Wyman Gordon Engineering of Worcester and Groton, AGB Investigative Services Inc. of Chicago, the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, the Boston Planning and Development Agency (formerly the BRA), The Women’s Center for Enterprise, Allied Advertising of Cambridge, Boston Debate League,  and others.

MurrelliMedia  offers IT  ( Information Technology ) support  to clients.

Murrellimedia  creates and manages a complementary mix of online web sites and social media channels. Our users are your potential customers.

Topics we write and post for users include:

  • affordable housing opportunities
  • apartment rentals
  • business investors and networking
  • the arts
  • career advancement and employment
  • STEM education
  • entertainment
  • family services
  • financial services
  • home improvement referrals
  • houses for sale
  • job openings
  • personal services:  beauty, hair, skin, coaching
  • professional service providers, contractors, bid vendors
  • shopping destinations
  • technology talk
  • travel stories on our site
  • vendors or suppliers MBE , WBE certified
  • and other topics.

fostering online communities at :
( 3 – Online Guides to Black Boston) ( documentary & Boston Black history site ) concierge (pre-arrange group transportation or moving) (affordable housing finder utility service) ( New England’s multicultural attractions)